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  • Treehouse is a new social-living housing project headed by Kolon.
  • As lead designer of the project, my task was to design and create a library of 200+ graphical assets. The designs are used for printed displays, B2B presentations, social media and other marketing needs.
  • Adobe Photoshop

With meerkat – a community driven animal – as its brand mascot, we set out to bring life and warmth to the housing project. Designing each illustration was a process of imagining life in each aspects of Treehouse community living.  Through many iterations of design and marketing research, we decided that the illustrations should be whimsy, with a hand-drawn quality. The main purpose of these illustrations were to advertise the project to the public prior to building completion. 

Studio cross-section layout
Animated atrium map
plants illustration

Below – Printed window display in central Seoul (next to Gyeongbokgung Palace). Pre-building completion advertisement for Treehouse.

Street display board illustration
Animated life at Treehouse
Architecture and Ventilation
Featuring laundry room
Featuring storage lockers
Featuring expansive window views
Featuring cat friendly furniture
Featuring atrium greenery
Featuring pet-friendly space
Featuring bathtub (rare for Korean condos)

Above – Illustrations made for Instagram marketing. 

Below – Merchandises for showroom and open house visitors, including tote bags, cups, pins, stickers and umbrella.

Character iteration 1
Character iteration 2
Character iteration 3